Pharmacy Hawkeye Caucus

Hawkeye Caucus

Advocating for Pharmacists Statewide

The Hawkeye Caucus is a group of University of Iowa alumni, students, employees, and friends that advocates the university’s goals and mission and promotes communication.  This group asks for support for the university through advocacy by sending a personal note or email to your legislator, or simply talking with your neighbors and friends about why you support the University. 

Introducing... the Pharmacy Hawkeye Caucus!

As you may know, the College of Pharmacy is now at the top of the university’s capital project list. Recently, the Board of Regents granted approval for further planning and research for a new building. The college is at the very beginning stages of planning a new physical plant but it’s not too early to start offering your support for the project! 

Start now by joining the Pharmacy Hawkeye Caucus.  The Pharmacy Hawkeye Caucus will keep you informed of all the happenings in the College of Pharmacy. Whether it’s the latest research discovery, community outreach, or legislative action, you’ll be the first to know. Sign up today!