Current Residents

2015 Graduate of Drake University

Practice Site: Mercy Family Pharmacy, Dubuque

Completing a community pharmacy residency was always in the back of my mind throughout pharmacy school. My ambulatory care rotation with Mercy Family Pharmacy solidified my decision to apply for a community pharmacy residency and further develop my patient care skills. During this rotation, I was able to work directly with the community pharmacy resident and other clinical pharmacists while performing a wide variety of patient care services, including disease state education, anticoagulation, transitions of care, and medication therapy management. After researching the University of Iowa Community Pharmacy Residency Program, I was impressed by the availability of teaching opportunities, collaboration with faculty members on residency projects, and the opportunity to participate in a teaching certificate program and writing group. As a community pharmacy resident, I look forward to participating in these activities at the university level and providing the patient care services that I had the opportunity to experience during my advanced practice rotation at Mercy Family Pharmacy!