2016 Senior Dinner and Awards Banquet

Congratulations to the following Doctor of Pharmacy graduates, who were recognized with awards during the 2016 Senior Dinner and Awards Banquet.

College of Pharmacy Faculty Academic Excellence Awards

  • Kelsey A. Daedlow
  • Jonathan R. Linder
  • Molly E. Martin
  • Sara M. Wirth

College of Pharmacy Faculty Achievement Awards

  • Jenna N. Lensmeyer
  • Tiffany A. Tierney
  • Anne E. Zepeski

College of Pharmacy Faculty Distinguished Student Awards

  • Natalie D. Blaine
  • Chelsea M. Goldsmith
  • Monica K. Rauch

College of Pharmacy Faculty Diversity Stimulus Award

  • Hieu P. M. Nguyen

College of Pharmacy Faculty Excellence in Research Award

  • Amaris N. Hanson
  • Alex M. Ruffcorn

College of Pharmacy Professional Experience Program Exemplary Performance in Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences

  • Kylee C. Karlic 
  • Carolyn J. Stoneking
  • Anne E. Zepeski

College of Pharmacy Professional Achievement Award

  • Grant J. Houselog
  • Shiny Parsai

Alexis Ireland Award

  • Jacob M. Goddard

Dean’s Achievement Award

  • Long T. Nguyen

Merck Awards

  • Marisa K. Jorgenson
  • Parth G. Patel
  • Robert J. Salmon

Mylan Excellence in Pharmacy Award

  • Anastasia J. Lundt

Natural Medicines Graduation Award

  • Carolyn J. Stoneking

TEVA Company Award

  • Weishi Wang

United States Public Health Service Excellence in Public Health Pharmacy Practice Award

  • Rachel E. Grolmus

Wolters Kluwer Award of Excellence in Clinical  Communication

  • Laura M. Steinauer