Congratulations to the following Doctor of Pharmacy graduates, who were recognized with awards during the 2017 Senior Dinner and Awards Banquet.

College of Pharmacy Academic Excellence Award

  • Ashley M. Sabus

College of Pharmacy Faculty Salutatorian Award

  • Taylor J. Steckler

College of Pharmacy Faculty Achievement Awards

  • Alyssa L. Haught
  • Alexandra R. Lovell
  • Paige L. Milbach

College of Pharmacy Faculty Distinguished Student Awards

  • Daniel B. Carlsen
  • Brandon  L. Gerleman
  • Kristen T. Peterson

College of Pharmacy Faculty Excellence in Research Award

  • Kayla L. Hoogendoorn

College of Pharmacy Faculty Outstanding Academic Achievement Award

  • Allison M. Bernard
  • Benjamin K. Jorgensen
  • Thomas J. Sayre
  • Shavea N. Zapata Juan

College of Pharmacy Professional Achievement Awards

  • Sylvie F. Hall
  • Panagiota Terzis
  • Hayley R. Wittnebel

College of Pharmacy Professional Experience Program Exemplary Performance in Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences

  • Kristen T. Peterson

Alexis Ireland Award

  • Renu M. Johnson

Dean’s Achievement Award

  • Robert E. Nichols

Lilly Achievement Award

  • Michael  J. Trisler

Merck Awards

  • Allison D. Barker
  • Alison  E. Bieber
  • Emily  L. Matthews

Mylan Excellence in Pharmacy Award

  • Danielle N. Larson

Natural Medicines Graduation Award

  • Katherine  M. Reynolds

TEVA Company Award

  • Chelsea  L. Khaw

Wolters Kluwer Award of Excellence in Clinical  Communication

  • Jaclyn N. Myers