This dual Doctor of Pharmacy/Master of Public Health program is intended to provide students special expertise in public health as related to pharmacotherapy and health promotion, disease prevention, and medication safety.

Graduates of the PharmD/MPH program will be able to:

  • Serve either as a public health professional having strong preparation and competency to deal with pharmacotherapy issues
  • Serve as a pharmacist specializing in health care issues in a public health setting
  • Serve in management positions in a health care building
  • Be a drug use review specialist in a managed care program
  • Serve as a community pharmacist with involvement in community-based prevention programs.

Graduates with this degree will have employment opportunities in:

  • Public and private hospitals and clinics and health care providers
  • Private Practice
  • Insurance and managed care organizations
  • Local, county, state, or federal government
  • Public health governmental agencies such as CDC, HRSA, NIH, FDA
  • Colleges and universities

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