Lupe Chavez, Kassi Pham, Becca McCaughey, and Amber Williams

The College of Pharmacy Diversity Committee

  • Our mission is to foster, facilitate and enhance diversity in all College of Pharmacy endeavors through education, advocacy and empowerment.
  • The College of Pharmacy administration, Student Council and Diversity Committee support or sponsor Martin Luther King, Jr. Human Rights Week events at the College and work with other University of Iowa colleges and organizations in supporting campus-wide events.

The College of Pharmacy Diversity Stimulus Award

  • Designed to honor individuals, programs, divisions and student organizations engaged in diversity initiatives which promote the development of an inclusive, diverse community.

Faculty and Staff Diversity

  • The College of Pharmacy is committed to employing a diverse workforce and welcomes applications for open positions from women and members of underrepresented minorities.
  • The University of Iowa, among the first public universities in the United States to admit women and minorities, has a long history of commitment to equal employment opportunity for all, regardless of race, national origin, color, creed, religion, sex, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or associational preference.
  • More information about diversity at Iowa can be found at the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity.

Student Diversity

  • The College of Pharmacy is committed to a diverse student body, and to preparing students to become part of a diverse healthcare workforce for the future.