The Division of Health Services Research (HSR)

The HSR Division is part of the Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science (PPS).

Graduate Program

HSR is home to the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Program in Health Services Research (HSR). This PhD Program promotes an interdisciplinary approach to studying decision-making in health care and assessing the outcomes of these decisions. Ideal candidates for the HSR PhD Program are students with backgrounds in economics, pharmacy and health care, psychology, sociology, and anthropology, and who are interested in a field of study that engages contemporary issues in health care and pharmacy studies.

Meet Our Division Head

Meet Our Faculty

Cole G Chapman
Assistant Professor
345 CPB
(319) 467-1705
Elizabeth A Chrischilles
(319) 384-1575
Erika J Ernst
Associate Professor
343 CPB
(319) 335-8785
Amber M Goedken
Associate Professor
338 CPB
(319) 384-4884
Korey A Kennelty
Assistant Professor
(319) 335-8862
Linnea A Polgreen
Associate Professor
340 CPB
(319) 384-3024
Mary Chen Schroeder
Associate Professor
346 CPB
(319) 384-4516
Jordan L Schultz
Assistant Professor
W262 GH
(319) 384-9388
Julie M Urmie
Associate Professor
341 CPB
(319) 335-8616
Matthew J Witry
Assistant Professor
342 CPB
(319) 335-8763