The Division of Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry

Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry (MNPC) is a discipline encompassing the discovery, design, synthesis and testing of new medicinal agents.

The research emphasis in MNPC at Iowa includes a strong synthetic medicinal chemistry component, offered by Professors Kerns, and Jin. Research in these labs involves development of new synthetic methodologies to construct anti-infective, anti-cancer and anti-viral agents. MNPC faculty members are also focused on drug metabolism and carcinogenesis (Duffel and Roman), chemical toxicology (Doorn and Duffel), and neurochemistry (Doorn and  Roman). They are engaged in research in the areas of gene delivery system development (Rice), and the identification of novel targets for anticancer agents and for the treatment of central nervous system disorders, as well as the discovery of novel pre-therapeutic lead molecules through the use of High Throughput Screening (Roman). Additionally, small molecule drug discovery is achieved through structure-based drug design (SBDD) and computer-aided drug discovery (CADD), with a particularly strong emphasis on enzyme drug targets (Spies).

Graduate Program

The MNPC Division contains the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree program in Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry. Information about how to apply is here. Initial placement information on our recent graduates can be foundPDF iconhere.

Meet Our Division Head

Meet Our Faculty

Michael W Duffel
Professor of Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry
550 CPB
(319) 335-8840
Zhendong Jin
(319) 353-5359
Robert J Kerns
438 CPB
(319) 335-8800
Kevin G Rice
(319) 335-9903
Dave L Roman
538 CPB
(319) 335-6920
Ashley Spies
Associate Professor
442 CPB
(319) 353-5645