The mission of the APhA Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) is to be the collective voice of student pharmacists, to provide opportunities for professional growth, to improve patient care, and to envision and advance the future of pharmacy. APhA-ASP is the nation’s largest student pharmacist organization with over 30,000 student members from across the country and provides opportunities for student pharmacists to become involved through patient care projects, community outreach, international organizations, career programming, professional development and more. Check out our Membership Video HERE


APhA-ASP Generation Rx
APhA-ASP Operation Diabetes
APhA-ASP Operation Heart
APhA-ASP Operation Immunization
APhA-ASP OTC Medicine Safety
APhA-ASP Women's Health Campaign


Katy's Kids -- Katy’s Kids was developed by the Iowa Pharmacy Association in 1988 as an educational program designed to teach young children about appropriate and responsible medication use. If children can understand the proper use of prescription drugs at an early age, perhaps they will have an increased appreciation and compliance with their medications and be less likely to become involved with harmful drugs later in life.

Operation Skin Health -- Operation Skin Health was established in 2018 by students at The University of Iowa College of Pharmacy APhA-ASP Chapter to meet the needs of local Iowans and educate them on the dangers of skin cancer, use of OTC skincare products to treat common ailments, and photosensitivity reactions associated with certain medications.


The House of Delegates is the policy‑making body of APhA-ASP, an official Academy of the American Pharmacists Association. With representation at every school and college of pharmacy, APhA‑ASP is the collective voice of student pharmacists in the United States and Puerto Rico. The House is comprised of one delegate from each school or college of pharmacy, four APhA-ASP National Executive Committee members, and observers from student pharmacist and other health professional organizations. Learn about APhA-ASP's Legislative Process HERE. Learn about APhA's Legislative Priorities HERE


As the leading worldwide federation of student pharmacists, IPSF's goal is to advocate for student pharmacists and improve public health. As a member of APhA-ASP you are automatically a member of IPSF, with no additional paperwork or dues required. APhA-ASP is the Full Member Organization representing the United States to IPSF. The Student Exchange Program (SEP) is a mobility program that gives students from all over the world a chance to experience what pharmacy means outside their own borders. For every two students APhA-ASP chapters host, three APhA-ASP/IPSF members may take part in the SEP in another country. This is a great way to gain exposure to the practice of pharmacy internationally as a student pharmacist!


Student Pharmacist magazine is written by student pharmacists for student pharmacists, and provides the latest on career preparation, leadership, legislative activities and advocacy efforts, patient care projects, APhA-ASP chapter innovations, life on rotation, tips from New Practitioners, and more.


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2021-2022 Officers

President: Lucy Ernst
President-Elect: Samantha Ritter
Vice President of Finance: Kylie Juenger
Vice President of Membership: Chyan Decker
Vice President of Communications: Kelsey Fausel
Vice President of Patient Care: Tiffany Bui
International Vice President: Spencer Heggen
Vice President of Policy: Mark Nagel
Advisors: Susan Vos and Jeanine Abrons