Would you like to create a gorgeous page where links can go to a certain area of another page, like this?
(Click the "an elective course" link on this page)

This might come in handy for web publishers, but is not for the faint of heart. (It's complicated)

1. Find the destination page, edit it, and under the body text editor click "Disable rich-text"
2. At the exact spot you want to link to, type this:
<a name="anchorXico"></a>
(Note: You'll invent a unique anchor name to use.)
3. Save that destination page

4. Open the page from which you will link.
5. Highlight the text that will be the link text, and click the "URL" button as usual.
Rather than using the “Link to Anchor” Link type use “URL”. Set the protocol to "<other>” and then set the url to
where node/101 is the node of the page.
6. Save that page too, and the link should work.

Hint: To find the nodeID for a page, go to the page and hover over "edit draft". Look at the severe bottom-left of your screen, and you'll see the node# appear.