Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences Annual Meeting will be held on Nov. 12-15 in San Diego, Calif. A number of the UI College of Pharmacy's graduate students will present posters at the meeting, including: 

Tim Acri, "Impact of Calcium Concentration on Cell Viability, Transfection Efficiency, and Osteogenic Differentiation in Bone Marrow-derived Stem Cells" and "Nanoscale Therapeutics to Reduce Microglial-Mediated CNS Inflammation Associated with Hypertension Sensitization"

Wisam Al Bakri, "The Role of the Efflux Transporters in the Direct Nose-to-Brain Transport of Atrazine and 2,4-D Following Nasal Inhalation"          

Mohammed Albarki, "Preparation of Poly D, L Lactic Co-Glycolic Acid (PLGA) Nanoparticles and Evaluation of Uptake Pathways across the Nasal Mucosa"

Ammar Alkhafaji, "Mechanisms of Uptake of Polystyrene Nanoparticles by the Nasal Mucosa"

Keerthi Atluri, "Targeting a Mechanobiological Pathway to Limit Arthrofibrosis" and "Effect of Extracellular Matrix Tension on the Phenotypic Conversion of Synovial Fibroblasts and its Implications for Arthrofibrosis"

Kendra Bell, "Mechanostasis and Cell Specific Apoptotic Sensitivity"

Laxmi Chede, "Understanding the Impact of Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation (LLPS) to Drive Drug Absorption" and "Enhancing Midazolam Permeability across the Buccal Mucosa for Rapid Seizure Treatment"

Khanidtha Chitphet, "The Combination of cRGD-Modified Doxorubicin-Loaded PLGA-PEG Nanoparticles and Anti-PD-1 Solution for Melanoma Cancer Therapy"

Ronilda D'Cunha, "Nilotinib Alters Efflux Transporter-Mediated Pharmacokinetics and Tissue Distribution of Afatinib in Mice"

Anh-Vu Do, "Combining Ultrasound and Intratumoral Administration of Doxorubicin-loaded Microparticles to Enhance Tumor Cell Killing" and "Controlled Delivery of Fluorophores from 3D Two-Photon Photolithographic Printed Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Methacrylate Scaffolds"

Kareem Ebeid, "Synthetically Lethal Nanoparticles for Treatment of Endometrial Cancer"

Sachin Gharse, "Effect of Nutrient Dispersion Compounds on the Efficacy of Antibiotic Formulations against Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilms"

Bharath Gowdampally, "Impact of Particle Surface Properties and Temperature on Lung Surfactant Function"

Behnoush Khorsand, "A Comparative Study of the Bone Regenerative Effect of Chemically Modified RNA Encoding BMP-2 or BMP-9"

Terra Kruger, "Extracellular Matrix Stiffness Modifies the Uptake and Toxicity of the Amyloid-Beta Peptide"

Namita Sawant, "In Vitro Assessment of the Effect of Surface Mucus on Deposition Patterns of Nasal Sprays in Children"

Aditya Singaraju, "Role of Weak C-H---O Interactions in Understanding the Compaction and Mechanical Properties of a Series of Nitrobenzoic Acids Assessed by Brillouin Light Scattering" and "Influence of Crystal Structure and Coformer Selection on the Compaction Performance and Mechanical Properties of Theophylline Cocrystals"

Rasheid Smith, "From Solar Cells to Biosensors: The Development of a Vertically Aligned Silicon Nanowire Biosensor"

Suhaila Suliman, "Model-Based Meta-Analysis to Compare Primary Efficacy Endpoint and Efficacy Time Course for Opioids Used for Treatment of Osteoarthritis Pain"

Emad Wafa, "The Effect of Polyanhydride Chemistry in Particle-Based Cancer Vaccines on the Magnitude of the Antitumor Immune Response"

Peng Yu, "A Fundamental Understanding of the Entropy-Driven Adsorption of Phenobarbital from Solution by Activated Carbons"