Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The cost of education seems to be at the forefront of the news lately, with pundits, politicians, and parents all weighing in. At the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy, generous gifts from alumni, friends, and supporters continue to help students reach their educational goals through scholarships. In increasing numbers, pharmacy students are able to ease the financial burden of education through scholarships. In fact, the number of awards available to PharmD students has increased nearly 51 percent in the last two years.

“It was definitely a welcome surprise to have any extra income that can help go toward the loans and paying for your education,” said Jason Cleppe, a third-year pharmacy student.

In recent years, the average amount of the awards given has steadily increased. This is largely due to new awards, and also from use of funds donated by alumni and friends to the pharmacy student financial aid fund to supplement awards and to give additional awards. 

The spirit of giving back now begins at commencement for College of Pharmacy graduates. Beginning in 2009, Dean Letendre challenged each graduating class to create a scholarship as their class gift. In 2012, Letendre created an even earlier look at the importance of philanthropy and scholarships by asking all 2012 graduating students to gift $5 each. He shared that the money collected will be matched by the college and awarded as a scholarship to an incoming P1 student at the August 18 Welcome to the Profession Ceremony.