About the award

Each year the college of pharmacy recognizes preceptors with awards.  These preceptors excel in experiential teaching of student pharmacists.

2019 Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience Preceptor Recipient

Pamela Wiltfang
NuCara Health Solutions/NuCara Clinical Services

Pamela Wiltfang graduated from the University of Iowa in 2012 with Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) and Master in Public Health (MPH) degrees. She is currently the director of clinical services and innovative practice for NuCara Management Group, LLC, headquartered in Conrad, Iowa and oversees all clinical pharmacy services for NuCara locations in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota and Texas. In Wiltfang’s current position, she is responsible for developing, implementing and ensuring the success and sustainability of all the clinical programs that NuCara is involved in. Examples include transitions of care, the New Pharmacy Practice Model, ACO coordination, care coordination physician-pharmacist programs, and disease state specific education programs.