Financial assistance is offered to US and international graduate students in the form of teaching or research assistantships.  These positions are awarded if offered admission; you do not apply for them. You will be notified by letter and e-mail if awarded a financial assistantship at the time of admission.

Decisions regarding assistantships are made early in the spring semester. Early application gives the review committee time to consider requests for financial assistance. 

If you are an international student anticipating receiving an assistantship you can wait until you have received the award letter, then mail the financial statement required by Admissions and include a copy of the award letter offering you the assistantship.  The financial statement does not need to be submitted at the same time as your application.  Most students mail it to the Office of Admissions after they have a better idea of their finances and include the award letter.

Please see the Office of Admissions Costs of Attendance page for more information about tuition and fees and cost of living in Iowa City.