Meeting Minutes and Agenda (secure site)

The College Council consists of the College’s Deans, Directors, Department Chairs, Division Heads, Business Officer, Building Coordinator, Development Officer, Staff Council Representative, and ex officio membership by the Assistant to the Executive Dean.


Gary Milavetz
Executive Associate Dean
Susan Staggs Vos
Assoc. Dean of Student Affairs
Michael W Duffel
Assoc. Dean of Research/Graduate Affairs
Mike Brownlee
Assoc. Dean and Director, UIHC Dept. of Pharmaceutical Care
Mary Ray
Assoc. Dean of Academic Affairs
Traviss Tubbs
Assistant Dean of Veteran Affairs
Jay Dean Currie
Department Chair, PPS
Robert J Kerns
Department Chair, PSET
Jonathan A Doorn
Division Head, MNPC
Bill Richard Doucette
Division Head, HSR
Jim Hoehns
Division Head, ACS
Aliasger K Salem
Division Head, PTT
Dennis Erb
Director, UI Pharmaceuticals
William Wise
Director, Finance
Philip Greazel
Director, Development, UI Center for Advancement
Barbara Kelley
Director, External Relations
Brenda Dodge
Director, Human Resources
Greg Schwartz
Director, Information Technology
Susan Barrett
Staff Council Representative
Student Council President
Bradley Gilchrist
Building Coordinator
Julia Woodiwiss
Ex Officio, Assistant to Exec Assoc. Dean