The College of Pharmacy Diversity Committee is an active advisory committee that reports to the Executive Associate Dean. The responsibilities of the committee are:

  • Diversity advocacy and awareness.
  • Advising members of the college community on diversity issues.
  • Reviewing collegiate policy as it is developed.
  • Creating activities within the college to enhance awareness of diversity and inclusiveness.
  • Recommendations for awards and scholarships, especially those with diversity and inclusiveness criteria.

    Agenda and Meeting Minutes (secure site)


    Karen Ann Baker
    Kate Gaspar
    Matthew J Witry
    Lauren Garcia
    Staff, Office of Professional Education
    Susan Staggs Vos
    Ex Officio, Associate Dean of Student Affairs
    Michael W Duffel
    Ex Officio, Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Programs
    Brenda Dodge
    Ex Officio, HR Director