Agenda and Meeting Minutes (secure site)

The executive committee:

  • Consists of department chairs, collegiate directors, and persons holding Dean rank, and is chaired by the Dean
  • Meets regularly to offer advice and counsel regarding policy issues and other items of major importance
  • May at its discretion act for the faculty on an interim basis between faculty meetings
  • Serves as the major two-way information conduit between administration and faculty


Donald E Letendre
Dean, College of Pharmacy
Gary Milavetz
Executive Associate Dean
Susan Staggs Vos
Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Mike Brownlee
Associate Dean and Director, UIHC
Michael W Duffel
Associate Dean Research/Graduate Affairs
Mary Ray
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Traviss Tubbs
Assistant Dean of Veteran Affairs
Barbara Kelley
Director of External Relations
William Wise
Director of Finance
Brenda Dodge
Director of Human Resources
Greg Schwartz
Director of Information Technology
Dennis Erb
Director of UI Pharmaceuticals
Jay Dean Currie
Chair, PPS
Robert J Kerns
Chair, PSET
Julia Woodiwiss
Dean's Office Staff