Directory listing of division faculty members.
Name Title Emailsort ascending Office Phone
Yu-Yu Tien PhD Candidate (319) 335-7960
Yiran Zhang Asst Research Scientist/Engin S513 PHAR
William R Doucette Division Head and Professor 339 CPB (319) 335-8786
Shushanna Galstyan Ac/Sci Res Act S533 PHAR
Scott Egerton Research Associate 334 CPB (319) 384-1192
Sara Ramirez Ac/Sci Res Act S533 PHAR
Reid Peloquin Ac/Sci Res Act S533 PHAR
Rachel Finkelstein Pharmacy Specialist S533 PHAR (319) 335-6527
Puttarin Kulchaitanaroaj Adjunct Instructor S538 PHAR (319) 335-7960
Olajide Fadare Graduate Teaching Assistant S557 PHAR
Michael Parisi-Mercado Ac/Sci Res Act S533 PHAR (319) 335-8623
Matthew J Witry Assistant Professor 342 CPB (319) 335-8763
Mary C Schroeder Associate Professor 346 CPB (319) 384-4516
Lyvia Bulman Ac/Sci Res Act S511 PHAR
Linnea A Polgreen Associate Professor S512 PHAR (319) 384-3024
Lauren Reist Ac/Sci Res Act S533 PHAR
Korey A Kennelty Assistant Professor S511 PHAR (319) 335-8862
Kendra Foster Graduate Research Assistant S557 PHAR (319) 335-8878
Kathryn Dorsey Clin Trials Rsrch Manager PHAR (319) 384-4128
Kassi Pham Ac/Sci Res Act S515 PHAR
Julie M Urmie Associate Professor 341 CPB (319) 335-8616
Jordan L Schultz Assistant Professor W262 GH (319) 384-9388
John M Brooks Adjunct Professor S515 PHAR (319) 335-8763
Erika J Ernst Associate Professor 343 CPB (319) 335-8785
Elizabeth A Chrischilles Professor S441A CPHB (319) 384-1575