Preceptors Amanda Smith, Tom Haas, Jessica Jackson, and Nick Howell

Hy-Vee Pharmacy, Coralville, Iowa


Hy-Vee Pharmacy in Coralville (1080) is a fast-paced, high-volume community pharmacy. Students work with preceptors Tom Haas, Nick Howell, Amanda Smith, and Jessica Jackson to directly provide patient care and develop the necessary tools to work as community pharmacists following graduation. Hy-Vee pharmacy serves patients through extensive prescription and over-the-counter counseling, prescription intake, new patient interview, drug utilization review, automated dispensing, and compounding. Students also have the opportunity to work with multiple medication therapy management (MTM) platforms, provide vaccinations, utilize drug references, review pharmacy law, clarify prescription questions, and form recommendations for physicians in order to confidently provide patient care in future employment.