Max Eggleston

, BSPh

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Max Eggleston received a BSPh in 1947 from the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy. He served as a Waverly, Iowa community pharmacist from 1948 to 1984, and owner of the Pharmacy Sales and Management Company from 1984 to 1997.

Throughout his career, Eggleston held numerous leadership roles in the Iowa Pharmacy Association (IPA), the Iowa Board of Pharmacy, and the College of Pharmacy. In addition to serving as president of IPA, Eggleston was also a founding director of the Iowa Pharmacy Foundation and Pharmacy Network of Iowa.

Eggleston was involved in several major pharmacy organizations on the national level, as well. He served as president of the American Pharmaceutical Association (now the American Pharmacists Association) and the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education.

In 1995, Eggleston received the highest award in the American pharmacy profession, the Remington Honor Medal. He was also awarded the Bowl of Hygeia, the Distinguished Pharmacist award, and a 50-Year Certificate Award.

Eggleston was actively involved in service to his hometown of Waverly. His volunteer leadership in his community included founder and chairman of the Waverly Community Chest, the forerunner of the Waverly United Way; as chairman of the Waverly Industrial Development Commission; and as chairman of the Waverly Chamber of Commerce. He passed away November 6, 1997, in Waverly, Iowa.