Mercy Medical Center in Dubuque


The rotation at Mercy Medical Center in Dubuque provides an opportunity for students to become active members of the Inpatient Pharmacy at Mercy Medical Center. Students, led by Kate Kurt, PharmD, and preceptors Jared Ehtessabian, ’11 PharmD, Nicole Goodall, ’12 PharmD, Jennifer Noel, PharmD, Amanda Powers, ’02 PharmD, Kelly Ungs, ’10 PharmD, Kay Zepeski, ’81 BSPh, Abbey Richman, '11 PharmD, and Pete Maier, BSPh, assume an active role in optimizing patient pharmacotherapy through active participation in the multi-disciplinary health care team. Throughout the rotation, students develop clinical skills in assessment and communication on the clinical units and in the emergency department. Problem solving, drug information, and presentation skills are enhanced via rotation activities.