R.A. Kuever


Rudolph Andrew Kuever came to the University of Iowa in 1905. After graduation, despite lucrative offers in both retail pharmacy and at a large pharmaceutical manufacturing company, he accepted an assistantship in the college. Over the next 32 years at the University, he served as Acting Instructor, Instructor, Assistant Professor, and Associate Professor. In 1937, he was appointed Dean. In his second year, Kuever initiated and developed the first pharmacy graduate programs leading to the master of science and doctor of philosophy degrees.

During his tenure at the University, the campus became an Army training camp and Kuever joined a military training unit of young faculty members. He reported to Fort Sheridan, Ill., in July 1918 and remained there until Armistice Day later the same year before returning to the University. In 1952, he resigned as Dean and took a leave of absence. In 1954, he returned to teach full-time until his mandatory retirement. The subsequent Dean, Louis C. Zopf, encouraged him to retain his office and laboratory at the College of Pharmacy.