Susan Staggs Vos

Susan Staggs Vos

, PharmD, FAPhA
  • Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science / Division of Applied Clinical Sciences
  • Clinical Pharmacist, Department of Pharmaceutical Care/ Division of Allergy and Pulmonary


115 S. Grand Avenue, S413 PHAR
Iowa City, IA 52242-1112


(319) 335-8837


Susan S. Vos, PharmD, FAPhA is a Clinical Associate Professor and Director of the Professional Experience Program at the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy. She serves as a preceptor for students and residents in the Pediatric Pulmonary & Allergy Clinic at the University of Iowa Hospital & Clinics and for a global health experience for underserved patients in Punta Gorda, Belize. Additionally, she focuses her classroom teaching on pediatrics and pharmacy practice. Dr. Vos coordinates a pediatrics elective course and the first module in a series of Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences, as well as teaches in various therapeutics modules related to pediatrics. She assists in the development and delivery of preceptor educational programs, and promotes pharmacists in developing new teaching sites. And, she mentors students by serving as the APhA-ASP chapter advisor. She graduated from the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy in 2003. After graduation, she completed a Pharmacy Practice Residency at Methodist University Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, and then completed a Pediatric Specialty Residency at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, South Carolina. Dr. Vos is a member of the Iowa Pharmacy Association (IPA), American Pharmacists Association (APhA), American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP), American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP), and the Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group. Additionally, Dr. Vos has held leadership roles with APhA, IPA, and AACP.

Recent Publications:
Vos SS, Rolfes KA, Swenson KA, Currie JD, Johnson SJ, Seyfer JL, Umlah LB. A Framework and Review of Online Documentation of Patient Encounters during Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences. Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning. 2015. Vol. 7, Issue 5, p691–699.

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Research Narrative

Dr. Vos's research focuses on the scholarship of teaching and learning, specifically related to experiential education. She has published research related to preceptor development, student-patient encounter documentation, and co-curricular activities.

Clinical Narrative

Dr. Vos is a Clinical Associate and Director of Preceptor and New Site Development for the Professional Experience Program at the College of Pharmacy. Additionally, she sees patients in the Pediatric Pulmonary and Allergy Clinic at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Her practice interests include pediatric pharmacotherapy, allergy and pulmonary medicine, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. In addition to her clinical responsibilities, Dr. Vos develops and delivers preceptor educational programs, supports pharmacists in developing experiential learning sites, and contributes to quality assurance programs within experiential education. She serves as a preceptor for an international health care experience for students in Punta Gorda, Belize where she practices pharmacy in a clinic for underserved patients. Dr. Vos also serves as a preceptor for students completing an elective experience in pediatric ambulatory care.