William Stagner

, ’73 BSPh, ’77 MS, ’79 PhD

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William C. Stagner is a professor emeritus in the Campbell University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.  He has authored or co-authored 95 peer-reviewed abstracts and research articles, 15 book chapters, and two textbooks.


Stagner has also spent 26 years in the pharmaceutical industry with scientific and technical responsibility for 24 New Drug Applications. As senior vice president and general manager at Cardinal Health, he founded the Pharmaceutics Division at Research Triangle Park, North Carolina (formerly Magellan Laboratories) and was responsible for the profitability of sites in the U.S. and Europe. He served as the site manager for the Somerset, New Jersey facility.


During his tenure at Glaxo Dermatology Research and Development, Stagner served as group director, responsible for discovery, product development, and regulatory affairs. Under his leadership, the unit was recognized by the Scott-Levin Survey as having the “Best US Dermatology Research and Development Program.” He also established the Glaxo Pharmaceutics Department, where he was director for nine years.


Stagner earned his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmaceutical Sciences under the mentorship of J. Keith Guillory, professor emeritus in the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy.