W.J. Teeters


Wilber John Teeters came to Iowa City in 1895 on a one-year appointment as a demonstrator in chemistry in the Department of Medicine. He frequently stated that he had reluctantly accepted the position because he had already made plans to enter retail pharmacy with a classmate. However, in 1901 he was hired by the College of Pharmacy as an Associate Professor. In 1903 he was promoted to full Professor and a year later was named Dean, When University policy required that he retire in 1937, he continued to actively serve the Iowa City community, and held office as mayor from 1943 to 1947, when he was 85 years old.

His main areas of interest were toxicology, sports, and the Iowa City Council. He had a lasting impact on the Iowa legal system by serving as an expert witness. He attended many sporting events and frequently served as an official at track and swim meets. Additionally, he played golf regularly. He was so dedicated and passionate about pharmacy that he regularly visited his laboratory and worked in his office until the week of his death at age 93.