Directory listing of division faculty members.
Name Title Email Office Phone
Behnoush Khorsand Sourkohi Research Specialist S218 PHAR (319) 335-8796
Lee E Kirsch Emeritus Professor S221 PHAR (319) 335-8824
Vijay Kumar Associate Professor Emeritus 208-1 PHAR (319) 335-8836
Noah Laird Graduate Research Assistant S213 PHAR (319) 335-8796
Eden Maack Graduate Research Assistant S311 PHAR (319) 335-8802
Jo Mahoney Research Associate S453 PHAR (319) 335-7629
Wlla Malkawi Graduate Fellow 368D CPB PHAR
James A Martin Associate Professor 1182 ML (319) 335-7549
Lloyd Matheson Associate Professor Emeritus S213 PHAR (319) 335-8796
Blake Monroe Graduate Research Assistant S213 PHAR (319) 335-8796
Demet Nalbant Research Scientist/Engineer S227 PHAR (319) 335-8485
Joseph O'Brien Graduate Research Assistant S311 PHAR (319) 335-8802
Abayomi Tolulope Ogunjimi Postdoctoral Research Scholar S213 PHAR
Ellen Overholtzer-Strait Ac/Sci Res Act 127D PHAR
Jonah Propp Graduate Fellow S311 PHAR
Juliana Quarterman Graduate Research Assistant S218 PHAR (319) 335-8796
Raghu Ramanathan Postdoctoral Research Scholar S311 PHAR (319) 335-8802
Joshua Reeder Graduate Fellow S227 PHAR
Kevin G Rice Professor S313 PHAR (319) 335-9903
Dave L Roman Associate Professor 538 CPB (319) 335-6920
Jackson Russo Graduate Fellow S213 PHAR (319) 335-8796
Sanjib Saha Graduate Research Assistant RM S213 PHAR
Aliasger K Salem Professor 452 CPB CPB (319) 335-8810
Aliasger K Salem Lyle and Sharon Bighley Endowed Chair & Professor in Pharmaceutical Sciences 452 CPB CPB (319) 335-8810
Namita Ajay Sawant Graduate Research Assistant S253 PHAR (319) 335-6511