map of Dominica and surrounding areas

This five-week Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) rotation consists of two weeks of pre-travel training, two weeks on site experience in and around Jungle Bay, Dominica, and one week of reflection at the UI College of Pharmacy.

Student pharmacists are exposed to natural medicine, medical disabilities, rural and international medicine, community and global public health services, and cultural competence. Students will compare health care in the United States and the West Indies.

On-site in Dominica, pharmacy students are actively involved in herbal experiences (medicinal garden and plant identification, compounding); cultural activities; public health activities (school-related, mental health-related, health fairs/screenings); and with both private and government clinics. Accommodations in Dominica are through arrangements with local collaborators. Post-travel projects include patient case discussions, presentation of herbal expertise, daily reflections, resource development and a presentation.

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