Normally when you navigate to a webpage you want to edit, you get the option to edit the page by clicking the "New Draft" tab.

draft bar regular

Sometimes, though, that tab doesn't exist. Instead there are two new options in its place: "View Draft"/"Edit Draft".

draft bar irregular

This means that someone—yourself, or another web publisher—has created a new draft of the page. Either on purpose, or started making a change and abandoned it. How can you tell the difference?

You need to find out: Was the change in draft a "good" or "bad" change?

  • Click the "moderate" tab
  • Click "compare revisions"
  • Click "compare" (large green button)
  • Here's an example of what you might see:
    example of moderation

Yellow highlighting shows that the older page said "to do so" but the newer draft does not have that.

  • To accept that change, go back to the page and it's okay to "edit draft".
  • If the change was bogus and you know it, hit the back button twice out of this screen and "revert" to the page created at 12:17 on 3/21/2018.
  • If you're not sure, contact the person who made the changes and ask them.