Email Policy

  •  E-mail is an official communication mechanism in the College of Pharmacy. All students enrolled in the Doctor of Pharmacy program are required to maintain an official University of Iowa email address.
  • College of Pharmacy faculty, staff, and students use email and mailing lists to communicate important information such as registration information, class meeting times, employment or internship opportunities, College of Pharmacy requirements, availability of tutoring, student organization meetings, fundraisers, and others.
  • Some faculty may also use the email as an official mechanism to distribute handouts, reading lists, or other course materials and will notify students in their syllabus of this approach.
  • Each student must request a University of Iowa e-mail account, which is available to students free of charge. Students who use non-University e-mail addresses may request from the University that their University e-mail address be used as the "alias" for the UI e-mail account, and the non-University e-mail account be the “target” account. Students may request this service by calling (384-4357), e-mailing ( the ITS Help Desk, or in ISIS.
  • After initial enrollment at the time of entry into the PharmD program, students are required to
    • Monitor and maintain their official University of Iowa e-mail address account.
    • Check e-mail on a regular basis.
    • Know and be responsive to requests and deadlines sent through e-mail, as appropriate for the content of the message.
    • Notify the Office of Academic Affairs immediately of a change in their official University of Iowa e-mail address.
    • Write listserv messages using responsible, courteous, and professional language.
    • Keep the class listserv names within the college, not giving it to outside vendors.
    • Avoid exceeding capacity for e-mail storage on the UI server by deleting messages when they are no longer needed.

Policy on College of Pharmacy E-Mail for Students Approved by College of Pharmacy Executive Committee July 17, 2000 and amended on May 9, 2002. Responsibility for maintaining an active e-mail account is the sole responsibility of the student. All students are required to adhere to the University of Iowa policy, "Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources," which is available at