Job Title: 
Botanical and Natural Products Scientist
Jobs for Pharmacists
Business Name: 
The Synergy Company
Application deadline: 
Wednesday, February 15, 2017
Start Date: 
Wednesday, March 1, 2017
Contact Person: 
Thatcher Vagts
2279 Resource Blvd
Moab, UT 84532
Email Address: 

The Synergy Company is currently seeking a Botanical and Natural Products Scientist that is experienced in developing safe and beneficial ingredients, formulas, and products that are rooted in research, evidencebased science and historical/traditional wisdom. The company, located in the breathtaking surroundings of Moab, Utah, is a manufacturer and direct-to-consumer retailer of certified organic, high integrity dietary supplements. The Botanical Scientist will play an essential role in product and ingredient development ensuring product integrity, innovation, safety, validation, and efficacy through the entire development process. This includes but is not limited to creating the essential technical documents that outline rationale, claims, safety, regulatory status, substantiation, and wellness benefits. The ideal candidate will use personal and published literature and research to educate other members of the team through written documents (monographs) and oral presentations. The research will help to frame ingredient/product design and inform product formulation. Furthermore, the monographs will serve as the backbone to ingredient and product legacy by documenting criteria by which the ingredients and products can be benchmarked.