Below are some guidelines for establishing your practice experience and items to consider before the student arrives at your practice site.

Orientation: Please ensure that each student pharmacist has an appropriate orientation to the site and is introduced to individuals at the practice site. Try to not assume they know where they are and what they are supposed to do even if they have completed several experiences. 

Setting expectations: Setting expectations at the beginning of the experience can set the tone for the rest of the experience. Meeting with the student pharmacist on the first or second day to review the expectations and set goals for the experience is ideal. You can also review areas that he or she may need to work on during the experience. Be sure to ask the student to see his or her self-assessment. This may help you identify areas on which to concentrate during the experience. 

Feedback: Student pharmacists should be given feedback on a regular basis on their performance. At a minimum, student pharmacists should have a midpoint and a final evaluation. During this time, you can discuss strengths and areas for improvement.  You can also set new goals and expectations for the student pharmacist at this time.

Evaluations: Evaluations must be completed in a timely manner in order to meet the deadline for grade submission with the University’s Registrar. Evaluations should be completed by the Wednesday following the end of the rotation. All evaluations can be found in the E*Value website.