1. Select Evaluations from the top ribbon menu
  2. Select Educator Reports
  3. Select Aggregate Performance (if prompted, select your Role:  Faculty, Preceptor, Resident Educator)


  1. Enter the Start Date and End Date for the time frame in which you want to capture data.  The start and end date of a cycle brings up that cycle only.  The system allows retrospective historical combination reporting.  This allows preceptors to generate results over time for a rotation (preceptor evaluations prior to May 2009 are not housed in E*Value™).
  2. Select Time Frame Start Date from the Date Type dropdown
  3. Select Student Evaluation of Preceptor from the Evaluation Type list
  4. Select Next to see summary evaluation information


  1. Expanded View:  select to see expanded reporting options including frequency distribution, pie charts, and other graphs
  2. To Educator Comments:  select  to see student comments
  3. To Time Series:  select to see performance over time
  4. Zero Count:  the number of times the 0 option (Not Applicable) has been selected
  5. Applicable Answers:   the number of times that the question was answered with a response that will be calculated into the statistics
  6. Mean:  the mean score for that question
  7. Scale:   this is a scale of 1-6 where 1 is “Strongly Disagree” and 6 is “Strongly Agree”
  8. Standard Deviation:   the variation from the average score received for this question


Instructions Property of The University of Iowa College of Pharmacy