Viewing Reflections

  1. Select Learning Modules from the top menu bar
  2. Select Grade
  3. Identify the reflection you would like to view and select Click to Grade Coursework to open the reflection “form”

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the form and select the reflection document to review it
  2. Enter your comments about the reflection under Mentor Comments on Reflection
  3. If the reflection has met the criteria, select Submit.  If the reflection has not met the criteria, you may choose to re-assign the reflection (see Re-Assigning reflections).


Re-Assigning Reflections

  1. Enter your comments (making sure that they contain information regarding what the student needs to change about their reflection) 
  2. Select Reassign


  1. Enter the Subject
  2. Enter your message in the Mes​sage box
  3. Select Send Email

The reflection will be re-assigned.  Students are directed to leave their original reflection and upload the revised one.  You will receive a notification when the student has resubmitted their reflection.


Viewing Graded Reflections

  1. Select Learning Modules
  2. Select Grade
  3. Change the Status to Completed - Graded.
  4. Identify the reflection you would like to view and select Completed - Graded to open the reflection “form”


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