Main Section

Screen capture of Case Logs navigation path
  1.  Select Case Logs from the top menu ribbon
  2.  Select Log New Case

Screen capture of Case Logs Main Secion

  1.  Enter the appropriate information in the following fields in the Main section (*= Required Field):
  • Date of Patient Experience* (this defaults to today's date)
  • Course/Rotation*
  • Site*
  • Patient Encounter Type (This will default to Real Patient Care - One Patient.  During APPE rotations all patient encounters should be real.)
  • This encounter involved other health care providers
  • Patient Gender*
  • Patient Age*
  • Race/Ethnicity*
  • # Pts (use when selecting Multiple Patients for Patient Gender, Patient Age, or Ethnicity)
  • Total # Meds Taken By Patient (this field is not required, but encouraged as it indicates the complexity of the interaction)
  • Time Involved (amount of time you spent on this patient encounter)
  • Notes (this should be used for an explanation whenever selecting Other in any field when logging an encounter)

Select the “filter” (funnel) icon to do a keyword search for a Course/Rotation or Site.

Patient Assessment Section

Screenshot of PxDx entry Patient Assessment Section - Patient Assessment Groups

There are two Patient Assessment Groups (A) under the Patient Assessments tab: Drug Therapy Problems and Pharmacotherapy Categories. Each Patient Assessment Group contains Patient Assessment Subgroups (B). The specific Patient Assessment items from each Subgroup are populated once a Subgroup is selected. 

You are required to select at least one item from the Drug Therapy Problem and Pharmacotherapy Category groups.


Selecting Drug Therapy Problems and Pharmacotherapy Categories

Screen capture of Case Logs Patient Assessment Section

 Drug Therapy Problems

  1. Select the Drug Therapy Problem subgroup from the Group dropdown
  2. Select the correct Drug Therapy Problem from the Patient Assessment box
  3. Select Add Patient Assessment

Pharmacotherapy Categories

  1. Select the Pharmacotherapy Categories subgroup from the Group dropdown
  2. Select the correct Pharmotherapy Category from the Patient Assessment box
  3. Select Add Patient Assessment


  • More than one Drug Therapy Problem may be selected. If your activity did not require that you identify drug therapy problems, select 0.0 No DTP Identified.
  • Notes about a specific Drug Therapy Problem or Pharmacotherapy Category may be added for your reference.


Interventions Section

Screen capture of Case Logs Interventions Section
  1.  Select the appropriate Intervention subgroup from the Group dropdown (only select interventions from the PRACTICE RELATED intervention group)
  2.  Select the Intervention pertinent to the patient encounter from the Intervention box
  3. Select Add Intervention
  4. Select Save Record (if you do not save, all of your information will be lost)


  • Multiple interventions may be selected.  (When a Drug Therapy Problem is discovered, think about what you did about that problem. Usually a second intervention should be selected.)
  • Notes about a specific intervention may be added for your reference.

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