1. Select Reports from the top menu ribbon
  2. Select Case Log Reports from the Filter By dropdown
  3. Select Case Logs Mix

  1. Enter the Start Date of your P1 year
  2. Select {All Course/Rotations} from the Course/Rotation Filter dropdown
  3. Select 8205 Student Pharmacist Professionalism - IPPE 4 from the Course/Rotation list
  4. Select the appropriate Intervention Group
    • IPPE 4 (will return all hours)
    • IPPE 4 Professional Leadership (returns only Professional Leadership hours)
    • IPPE 4 Professional Service (returns only Professional Service hours)
  5. Select Confirmed from the Confirmation Status dropdown
  6. Select Time Involved from the Fields list
  7. Select Next

A report will load showing your Total confirmed time for the intervention group you selected (IPPE 4, IPPE 4 Professional Leadership, IPPE 4 Professional Service)

Instructions Property of The University of Iowa College of Pharmacy