Running the Sites Listing Report

  1. Select the Reports tab 
  2. Select Site & Affiliation Reports from the Filter By dropdown menu
  3. Select Site List


  1. Select UICOP - In System from the Site Group dropdown
  2. Select Active Sites
  3. Select the desired fields from the Custom Fields and Standard Fields boxes and add them to the Selected Fields boxes using the green icon with the plus sign (see TIP).
  4. Select Next.  A listing of all active sites will load with columns for each of the fields you selected.

Each field selected becomes a column in your report.  The more fields you select, the longer it will take the report to run and the wider your report will be.

Useful Custom Fields:

  • Housing Available? – identifies sites that offer housing
  • Prior Approval – identifies sites that have a prior approval process
  • State/Iowa Zone – identifies the general geographical zone of the site

Useful Standard Fields:

  • Address Information – displays the site’s address
  • Linked Courses/Rotations – displays the rotations that the site offers/has offered (this is not a guarantee that they will offer availability every rotation year)


  1. Select the Site Name to view the site description
  2. Enter the filtering criteria in the filter boxes above the column headings (see TIP) and select Filter. The listing will filter for only those sites meeting the criteria you specified.

All filtering must be done at the same time in order to return results matching all criteria.  Filtering can only be done on fields in the loaded HTML report.

Useful filters:

  • Linked Courses/Rotations – enter the course number (PHAR:8200, PHAR:9401, etc.) to view sites that offer/have offered that rotation
  • State/Iowa Zone – enter a zone to view sites in that zone
  • Housing Available? – enter Yes to view sites that offer housing

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