1. Select Reports from the top ribbon menu
  2. Filter for Evaluation Educator Reports using the Filter By dropdown
  3. Select Aggregate Educator Performance (if prompted, select your Role:  Faculty, Preceptor, Resident Educator)


  1. Enter the Start Date and End Date for the time frame in which you want to capture data.  The start and end date of a cycle brings up that cycle only.  The system allows retrospective historical combination reporting.  This allows preceptors to generate results over time for a rotation (preceptor evaluations prior to May 2009 are not housed in E*Value™).
  2. Select Time Frame Start Date from the Date Type dropdown
  3. Select Student Evaluation of Preceptor from the Evaluation Type list
  4. Select Next to see summary evaluation information

*Select a rotation from the Course/Rotation dropdown to view information for a specific rotation.


  1. Expanded View:  select to see expanded reporting options including frequency distribution, pie charts, and other graphs
  2. To Educator Comments:  select  to see student comments
  3. To Time Series:  select to see performance over time
  4. Zero Count:  the number of times the 0 option (Not Applicable) has been selected
  5. Applicable Answers:   the number of times that the question was answered with a response that will be calculated into the statistics
  6. Mean:  the mean score for that question
  7. Scale:   this is a scale of 1-6 where 1 is “Strongly Disagree” and 6 is “Strongly Agree”
  8. Standard Deviation:   the variation from the average score received for this question


Instructions Property of The University of Iowa College of Pharmacy