Viewing Requirement Status (Students)

The Personal Records functionality is used to keep track of students’ completion of various requirements.  Requirements such as Background Check, CPR Certification, Liability Insurance, Student Health Clearance, UIHC Compliance Training Completion, and Internship Certification are tracked and managed by the Office of Academic Affairs (OAA).  IPPE 4/Professional Developemnt Hours and APPE Case Log requirements are tracked and managed by the Professional Experience Program (PEP).

  1. Select the Home tab
  2. Select Other Tasks from the submenu ribbon
  3. Select Personal Records Requirements


  1. Certifications Type:  Displays requirements such as CPR certification, Liability Insurance, and Professional Experience Program (PEP)-specific requirements.
  2. Event Date:  Displays the date each requirement was counted as being Met.
  3. Note: Displays any notes entered
  4. Expiration Date:  Displays the Expiration Date for ongoing requirements (CPR, UIHC Compliance Training, etc.).  One-time requirements (Background Check, IPPE 4 Hours, etc.) do not have an expiration date.
  5. Requirement: Indicates if the requirement is a one-time or ongoing requirement
  6. Status:  Displays your status in meeting the requirement.

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