Activities logged under Community Service will not count toward IPPE 4 hour requirements.  An activity cannot be logged as both an IPPE 4 and Community Service activity.

Main Tab

  1. Select PxDx from the top menu ribbon
  2. Select Add New
  3. Enter the appropriate information in the following fields on the Main tab (* = Required Field):
  • Date of Patient Experience*:  enter the date of the activity
  • Course/Rotation*:  select Community Service
  • Site*:  select UICOP
  • Patient Encounter Type*
  • Patient Gender*
  • Patient Age*
  • Ethnicity*
  • Time Involved:  enter the amount of time at the activity
  • Supervisor*:  select No Supervisor or Supervisor Not Listed
  • Notes:  enter any notes about the event in this section (information specific to the activity which would be useful to you in the future, e.g. the name of the organization)

NOTE:  Additional fields may be completed for your personal records.


Intervention Tab

  1. Select the Interventions tab
  2. Select COMMUNITY SERVICE from the Group dropdown
  3. Select the activity you participated in from the Intervention box
  4. Select 1. Performed from the Role dropdown
  5. Select Add Intervention

NOTE:  Additional PRACTICE RELATED interventions may be added for your personal records.


Review Tab

  1. Select the Review tab
  2. Review your entry and select Save Record (IF YOU DO NOT SAVE, ALL OF YOUR INFORMATION WILL BE LOST)


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