The ability to request a schedule change is only available to APPE students during the Opportunity for a Switch period.

Accessing the Manage Schedules Function

  1. Select the Schedules tab
  2. Select Schedule Management from the submenu ribbon
  3. Select Manage Schedule Requests

Drop Requests

Screen Capture - Schedule Drop interface
  1. Scroll down toward the bottom of the page to the Existing Schedule Requests area
    Note: You will see your upcoming rotations listed with a Status of Upcoming and a Request Type of Scheduled Add. These are already in your schedule.
  2. Select the Delete icon next to the rotation you would like to drop

Screen Capture - Schedule Drop interface
  1. Enter any Comments
  2. Select OK
    The Status of that schedule entry will change to Pending Approval with a Request Type of Scheduled Drop.

Add Requests

Screen Capture - Schedule Add interface
  1. Select the Course/Rotation you would like to add
  2. Select the correct Time Frame (cycle)
  3. Select the Site you would like to add
  4. Upload the Add and Drop permission emails from the preceptors to Request Documents
    Convert the emails from your preceptors giving permission to add or drop into PDF format. Both emails can be combined into one document or you can upload them one at a time (you will need to go through the upload process twice as you cannot upload two documents at the same time). Both permissions must be uploaded.
  5. Enter any Comments
    If you are doing a direct switch with a classmate, enter that information here.
  6. Select Submit
    The request will appear in the list of Existing Schedule Requests with a Status of Pending Approval and a Request Type of Add.