Screen capture of E*Value Home Screen
  1. Select Reports from the top menu ribbon


Screen capture of E*Value Reports Screen
  1. Select Schedule Report


Screen capture of Schedule Report Filter Screen
  1. Select the Curriculum that you would like to view the schedule for from the Curriculum dropdown (APPE 20XX-XX, IPPE 2 20XX-XX, All Curricula - If you choose All Curricula it will show you your schedule across all curricula for one calendar year starting with today’s date)
  2. Check your Start Date and End Date to make sure they encompass the time period you want to view
  3. Select Next

Screen capture of Schedule Report
  1. Select the printer icon to print your schedule
  2. Select the envelope icon to have your schedule emailed to you in PDF format
  3. Select the site name to view the site description
  4. Select the preceptor's name to view their contact information

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