Viewing Professional Development Hours

  1. Select the Professional Development Activities program
  2. Select Continue Login


Screen capture - PxDx Reporting

  1. Select PxDx from the top menu ribbon
  2. Select Add New from the submenu ribbon
  3. Select Mix Report


Screen capture - PxDx Mix Report Interface
  1. Enter the Start Date of your P1 year. The End Date will default to today’s date.
  2. Select the appropriate Activity Group (PROFESSIONAL LEADERSHIP, PROFESSIONAL SERVICE, or All Activities)
    Selecting PROFESSIONAL LEADERSHIP or PROFESSIONAL SERVICE will only generate totals for that category. Select All Activities to see your total hours across all activities.
  3. Select Time Involved from Fields.
  4. Select Next.


A report will load showing your Total time entered for the category you selected under Activity Group.

Screen capture - PxDx Mix Report Example