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ExamSoft is an exam delivery and assessment tool. There are four main steps to using ExamSoft:

  1. Creating & Banking Questions
  2. Creating & Posting Examinations
  3. Delivering Examinations
  4. Reviewing Examination Results

ExamSoft Support:

Creating & Banking Questions

Each course has its own question folder and each faculty member has a personal question folder for question banking. Subfolders can be created within question folders and folders can be shared with other faculty.

PDF iconEntering Questions

PDF iconLocating and Moving Existing Questions


Creating & Posting Examinations (Assessments)

Each course has an assessment folder. Assessments (examinations) should be added to the appropriate folder.

... instructions coming soon...


Delivering Examinations (Assessments)

...instructions coming soon...

Reviewing Examination (Assessment) Results

...instructions coming soon...