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UI Grad Guide

Calendars - academic deadlines, five-year academic calendar, religious holidays/interfaith calendar

ADD/DROP (Change in Registration) form

Curriculum - HSR, CPS, Pharmaceutics, MNPC

Dissertation Support - offered through the Graduate College

Female Student dressed up for AAPS evening event

Laxmi Shanthi Chede at AAPS event


Exam Forms:  Plan of Study, Request for Comprehensive Exam, Request for Final Exam

Funding Sources
External Grants and Fellowships
Fellowship Incentive Program - Graduate College financial support for completing a nationally competitive fellowship application

Graduate College Manual - rules and regulations of the Graduate College

Graduate Student Awards

Graduate Student Senate - giving a voice in the dialogue with university administration, opportunities for professional development, outreach, and social events

Graduate Student Life - connecting you with key services on campus

Graduation Checklist

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Professional Photo

Professional Development - Resources from the Graduate College offering students opportunities around eight core competencies—Communication, Research and Publication, Diversity, Funding, Teaching, Leadership, Careers, and Wellness

Program Requirements - HSR, CPS, Pharmaceutics, MNPC

Researcher Handbook - an electronic guide to assist all researcher navigating the complex research environment

Responsible Conduct of Research - a required course for all current graduate students

Student Organization - The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS)

Summer Fellowships

Thesis Support and Assistance

Three Minute Thesis Competition

Travel Grants  (Graduate Student Senate - all eligible U.S. and International)