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About MNPC

The PhD program in Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry offers students challenging opportunities to do fundamental drug-related research in the basic chemical and biological sciences. Our program involves an interdisciplinary plan of coursework and research spanning many aspects of the subdisciplines of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmacology with a common theme of drug discovery. This includes extensive laboratory research aimed at testing a novel hypothesis, which is written and defended as a PhD thesis. Contemporary research geared toward drug discovery and design is the cornerstone of graduate study in Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry.

The coursework in MNPC is a reflection of the breadth of scientific interest in the program. Students design a course of study which includes core courses in synthesis, spectroscopy, enzymology, pharmacology, analytical chemistry, toxicology and drug design as well as elective courses to maintain breadth and achieve depth in one of the research areas described above.

Our faculty members are engaged in training and research in these focus areas:

Drug Metabolism and Biocatalysis
Biopolymeric Drugs
Biotechnology and Structural Biology
Structure - Activity Relationships
Bioanalytical Chemistry
Computer-Aided Drug Discovery
Chemical & Pharmaceutical Toxicology
Molecular Pharmacology

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