How to run Identity Finder on a Mac

1. Open a web browser and go to

2. Click I agree and Install.

3. Click Continue

4. Enter HawkID and Password

5. Once logged in, click the plus sign on the left side. Next click on all apps and double-click Identity Finder

6. Allow the application full access to the local files on your computer.

7. If prompted to create or enter a Profile password, click Skip

8. On Identity Finder Search Wizard, click Start Search Wizard

9. Once the scan is complete, several options pop up. Click Wizard

Identity Finder will find patterns that look like Social Security Numbers, credit cards, and passwords. It is better to find some files that can be ignored than to miss sensitive data. More information on identifying false positives and what to do with them can be found on the ITS Website at

If Identity Finder finds sensitive data, go through the steps on Removing Sensitive Data below.

10. After identifying all locations Identity Finder found and removing all sensitive data, click start in the upper-left corner to run a second time.

What to do with finished report

Once scanning is complete and you have addressed any issues found in the report, please email the Pharmacy IT Help Desk ( with your computer ID (COP-XXXX Number), and stating that you have completed the scan. 

Removing Sensitive Data

If Identity Finder did find real Social Security numbers, credit cards, etc., please visit the ITS Website at for information on how to best remove sensitive data from your computer.

After removing sensitive data, run Identity Finder again by following the same steps as before. Check found items to make sure all sensitive data has been removed. 

If you are required to keep sensitive data for work purposes, please contact the Pharmacy IT Help Desk for guidance at or by calling (319) 335-8649.