The new $127 million College of Pharmacy building sits on the site of the former Quadrangle Residence Hall, which was demolished in the summer of 2016. When all is said and done, the total College of Pharmacy enterprise on the main UI campus will have 296,000 square feet compared to today's 152,500.

Exterior of new College of Pharmacy Building
  • The first two floors of the student-centric building are mainly devoted to academics. The total enterprise has 23 learning spaces, which includes classrooms, learning centers and conference/seminar rooms—ten more than today. Many of these are small-group workspaces that can be arranged as needed to meet a variety of learning needs. This portion of the building was designed to complement the transformative, patient-focused, and student-centered Learning and Living Curriculum, which kicked off in fall of 2015.
  • The new building boasts a distinctive, 128-seat Team Based Learning Center with a design unique to campus. Students are able to easily maneuver around to collaborate within teams and easily access power. Three 220-inch projection screens are at the center and sides of the learning center.
  • Laboratory science research spaces, located on the fourth and fifth floors of the new building, were designed with a "hybrid" approach where they are open to each other, but still contained as individual modules by support spaces. Support spaces are adjacent to the research need. There are 16 collaborative laboratory science research spaces in the new building and 27 in the total enterprise. Modules were specially designed for synthetic chemistry, biological, and other types of research.

Dean Donald Letendre
Donald Letendre
Dean and Professor

Our plan to develop one of the nation’s most foremost College of Pharmacy facilities has been realized. This new home will help transform education and science for decades to come.

  • Computational research laboratories are located on the third floor. There are four small group collaboration rooms, two medium-sized group rooms to seat up to 12 people, and a 24-seat conference room. The open collaborative space has up to 50 work stations and there are two shared secured offices. 
  • This forward-looking space will help Iowa pharmacy take the lead in offering innovative and accessible educational opportunities for all of its students. Elements of universal design principles have been interwoven. In select spaces, built-in hearing loops broadcast directly to a person's hearing aid. Each floor has a color associated with it—but used sparingly—to help visitors find their way.