What is IPRN?

Iowa Pharmacy Recovery Network (IPRN) is a monitoring and advocacy peer-review program administered by the Iowa Pharmacy Association for the purpose of assisting impaired pharmacists, student pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians, whose dependency and or disability is potentially threatening to professional performance and public safety. Services provided by IPRN are intended to be in the best interest of the pharmacist, pharmacy technician, student pharmacist, and the public. IPRN’s activities are designed to preserve the involved pharmacy professional’s reputation and ability to render competent and quality patient care.
What brings a student pharmacist into the IPRN program?
IPRN contracted students enter the program through an alcohol/drug related arrest or other indication the student pharmacist may have a substance use concern.
All IPRN contracted student pharmacists will have had:
  • A substance use assessment
  • Successful completion of any treatment program recommended as a result of the substance use assessment
  • Contract with IPRN to assist with adherence maintenance of ongoing treatment recommendations
Student pharmacists on IPRN contract will follow the stipulations below:
  • Substance use abstinence monitoring
  • Periodic substance use testing
  • Periodic reports to IPRN
  • Prior notification of IPRN contract status to experiential rotation preceptors and employers

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