Carter BL, James PA, Ardery G, Van der Weg M, Chrischilles E, Vaughn T. A Collaborative Model to Improve BP Control and Minimize Racial Disparities. R01 HL091841-01A1.  April 15, 2009 – February 28, 2014.
Clinical Coordinating Center, Barry L. Carter, PI
Data Coordinating Center, William Clarke, PI

Study Objective

To conduct a large, multi-center clinical trial to determine the extent to which physician-pharmacist collaborative management (PPCM) of chronic disease state will be adopted in clinics with geographic, racial and ethnic diversity.

Unique Characteristics of Study

Randomization of all clinic patients prior to screening:  Decreases selection bias and thereby increases the generalizability of results.
Focus on intervention effects among minority patients.
Focus on how the study intervention is actually implemented.

University of Iowa Investigators and Staff

Clinical Coordinating Center

Barry L. Carter, Principal Investigator, 319-335-8456
Gail Ardery, Clinical Site Director, 319-384-4128

Data Coordinating Center

Christopher Coffey, Director, 319-384-4197
Dixie Ecklund, Associate Director, 319-335-8446
Michele Costigan, Lead Protocol Director, 319-384-4183
Kathy Gloer, Data Manager/Quality Assurance, 319-353-4266
Elizabeth Cozzie, Data Manager, 319-384-2753
Sushma Gampa, Protocol Coordinator, 319-384-4763