The research focus of the NIPC PBRN is chronic medical conditions and is therefore broad by definition.  Chronic medical conditions affecting the cardiovascular or pulmonary systems have been the major focus to date.  A research proposal involving hypertension and asthma care was funded by the National Institutes of Health Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute in 2009.  Additionally, a diabetes quality evaluation was initiated within the network.  Other areas of interest include optimal medication utilization, national guideline adherence, and physician/pharmacist collaboration to improve outcomes. 

Studies at NIPC PBRN Sites:

Establishing Benchmarks for the Medical Office Survey on Patient Saftey
Funding Agency: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Principal Investigator(s): Lylle J. Fagnon, MD (PI), Grace M. Kuo, PharmD, MPH (NIPC/ACCP subcontract PI)
Project Summary: This project is a collaboration of 12 practice-based research networks and 300 practices to establish a national database for an AHRQ developed survey about the patient safety environment of primary care practices.

University of Iowa and 27 NIPC Members
A Collaborative Model to Improve BP Control and Minimize Racial Disparities
Funding Agency: National Institute of Health
Principal Investigator(s): Barry L. Carter, PharmD (PI), William R. Clarke, PhD (PI)
Project Summary: This project is a large, multi-center clinical trial to determine the extent to which physicial and pharmacist collaborative management (PPCM) of chronic disease state will be adopted in clinics with geographic racial and ethnic diversity.

Publications from NIPC PBRN Studies:

Barry L. Carter, PharmD; Gail Ardery, PhD; Jeffrey D. Dawson, ScD; Paul A. James, MD; George R. Bergus, MD; William R. Doucette, PhD; Elizabeth A. Chrischilles, PhD; Carrie L. Franciscus, MA; Yinghui Xu, MS. Physician and Pharmacist Collaboration to Improve Blood Pressure Control. ARCH INTERN MED/VOL 169 (NO.21), NOV 23,  2009.
View Youtube video describing the Adherence Study at the Univeristy of Iowa

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